Our Pastor

Pastor Robert East, along with his wife Barbara established the Liberty Temple church in July 1979 in their home, with a small congregation. Throughout these last 38 years, the church has experienced significant spiritual and numerical growth. Pastor East is a great man of faith, pastor and teacher; teaching biblical truths and enlightening people in the deeper revelations of the word of God. Through this ministry many have been saved, healed and delivered from bondage. Through his local and community outreach program, lives have been transformed and individuals have been given hope. His love for people and the community has expanded his vision and when we entered the new millennium, the Bishop Shepard Little Memorial Center (community center) was established. The community center provides services to equip children, youth and young adults in the New City and West Englewood areas with the skills, computer training, job training, mentoring, values and work ethics needed to become successful in their homes and society. It is through this effort that the Bishop Shepard Little Memorial Center after-school program executes daily operations. Because of the love and concern for church growth, many other churches and ministries have benefited from the ministry of Pastor Robert and Mrs. Barbara East. He has assisted in the building of the Family of God Church International located in Swaziland, Africa. With the support of the Liberty Temple Church, Pastor and Mrs. East continue to assist with the orphanage program in Swaziland, helping orphan children, who have lost their parents due to the Aids epidemic, to continue their
education. Pastor East continues to lead the ministry of the Liberty Temple Church with a strong focus on prayer, evangelism and family. He has taught that we can build physical buildings but to build a strong spiritual church we need the Word of God, prayer, faithful workers, strong families and the Holy Spirit working in every believer. Pastor Robert L. East is married to Barbara, his wife of 49 years. They are the proud parents of four: LaTanya (Ricky), DeShun (Judson), Rodney (Requitta), and Felicia, as well as the proud grandparents of Judson III, Cydnei, Ricky Joel, Jurnee, Pharris (PJ), River, and Ryland.